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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I share my Calendar in Outlook Web Access? 
  • Can I forward all my ESC Email to my district email address? 
        Yes, we can set up a forward for ESC email to go to your district email address, email                           servicedesk@greeneesc.org with the request and email address. 
  • Blocked on certain websites when out in the District?
        District Web Override Accounts can be created contact servicedesk@greeneesc.org
  • How do I created a helpdesk ticket? 
        Email servicedesk@greeneesc.org and you will be notified with updates
  • How do i reset my password to google for the ESC? 
        Email servicedesk@greeneesc.org with subject reset google password. 
  • Where do i find training sessions available for help? 
        Check out the Training Calendar or resources tab at http://technology.greeneesc.org
  • How can I get Apps for the Ipad that cost money from the ESC? 
         Fill out the form located at https://goo.gl/yUCMt8
  • I forgot my password to Email or Google what do I do? 
        Email servicedesk@greeneesc.org with which account you need a password reset
  • I can't get into Employee Kiosk who do i contact? 
        Contact Anita Sams  (asams@greeneesc.org)
  • Where can I find all the Employee forms for mileage etc... ? 
         Click here or Go to greeneesc.org and click on For GCESC Staff > Employee Page
  • How can I get wireless access to the school district i work in?
        Email Servicedesk@greeneesc.org
  • How Do i Sign up for ESC Weather Alerts? 
        Please go to http://www.ohioalerts.org/GESC and click subscribe