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Attachments with Outlook WebAccess

posted Oct 17, 2016, 12:09 PM by tdavis@greeneesc.org
For File Attachments in Chrome and Outlook Web Access

A work around is to add this extension to the chrome browser https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ie-tab/hehijbfgiekmjfkfjpbkbammjbdenadd?

Once it's installed, you should see the IE Tab icon to the right of the Chrome address bar.

Now navigate to any page and click on the IE Tab icon to open the page with the IE rendering engine. That's it!

Auto URLs

Right-click on the IE Tab icon and select "Options" to see all of the options, including the Auto URLs.

Auto URLs are one of the most important features of IE Tab. You typically need IE Tab for just a subset of the web pages you visit.

For example, you might want to use IE Tab for Outlook web access. Auto URLs enable you to specify which pages should be opened in IE Tab automatically so you don't have to click on the IE Tab icon


Directions Can be found here https://www.ietab.net/ie-tab-documentation

If you use firefox as a browser on your Mac or PC.

Recently I found out that the latest update for firefox is causing the attachment button in Outlook Web Access to no longer work.  There are two options to work around this.


1.You can use the light version in the web browser, it looks a little different. Just check mark the box at the log in screen.


2. you can use the link below and install this addon (QuickJava) to firefox and the attachment button should work again. Select add to Firefox after you select the link in firefox.