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Google Sites PD Videos 3 parts

posted Mar 3, 2016, 6:52 AM by tdavis@greeneesc.org

The Ultimate Guide to Google Sites for Schools

Great instruction videos done by Eric Curts
Google Sites is a great option for schools to design websites for classrooms, activities, sports, student projects, portfolios, or entire districts
  • All web-based - edit from any device with Internet access.
  • Easy but powerful - Quickly set up a basic website, or design a very complex site.
  • Google integration - insert docs, forms, presentations, spreadsheets, images, videos, maps, and more.
  • Multiple sites - create as many sites as you wish.
  • Storage - 100GB for your domain. However you can also link in files from Drive and other services to avoid reaching this limit.
  • Public or private - make certain pages public or private, and choose who is allowed to see the private pages. Great for content that should only be accessed by staff or specific students.
  • Collaboration - Share edit rights with others, so other people can help edit and add to the site. Can be done on a per-page level to share edit rights with just certain people and for just certain pages on your site.
More information and videos found on this topic http://www.controlaltachieve.com/2016/03/google-sites-for-schools.html